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Your Host, Blair Thielemier

The last two years Blair’s primary focus has been elevating the profession of pharmacy through advanced clinical services. She regularly shares information about pharmacy consulting services on her blog at BTPharmacyConsulting.com, through her column at Pharmacy Times and by guest-hosting the internet radio show The Pharmacy Podcast. Blair is the author of the Amazon bestselling book How to Build a Pharmacy Consulting Business.

Blair is passionate about the advancement of the profession of pharmacy and believes the shift to a value-based healthcare model is an opportunity for pharmacy to play a bigger role in the system.  She believes this shift will change the face of our profession drastically in the next 20 years and wants to help her colleagues prepare and adapt to those changes.

In 2015, she founded a pharmacy consulting business BT Pharmacy Consulting, LLC and currently helps train and coach other pharmacists looking to start their own consulting businesses through an online e-course and membership site at the PharmapreneurAcademy.com.  Part of that business includes presenting at pharmacy conferences and pioneering the use of educational online courses for pharmacists interested in providing enhanced clinical services, such as immunizations, point of care testing, chronic care and transitional care management programs.

In April 2017, she launched the first online pharmacy conference in the industry.  The Elevate Pharmacy Virtual Summit featured pharmacists of various backgrounds practicing pharmacy at the peak of the profession.  There were over 1,800 pharmacists from across the globe who attended the free event.

In March 2018, the 2nd annual ElevatePharmacySummit.com features an all new lineup of speakers.  The five day conference is co-presented by the Pharmapreneur Academy and the National Community Pharmacists Association’s Innovation Center.  Pharmacists in attendance are eligible for live, accredited CE through the NCPA.

Blair’s interests include advocating for community pharmacy services that help providers in primary care and post acute care improve quality measures and patient outcomes.  She is dedicated to putting out helpful information about pharmacist billing options and the benefits of pharmacy consulting services.  

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with my husband and two children, gardening and raising chickens on their property and traveling throughout South and Central America.  She also enjoys reading personal development books, listening to business podcasts and learning about investing and personal finance.

Tripp Logan

Dr. Tripp Logan received his PharmD from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Pharmacy in 2002.  After graduation, he returned to his native Charleston, MO to practice pharmacy with his father, Richard. The Logan Family currently owns and operates 2 independent community pharmacies in the Southeast Missouri area with a strong focus on patient care and pharmacy quality.  In early 2013, they launched MedHere Today, a Nashville, TN based pharmacy quality consulting firm.  Their mission is to help health care stakeholders expand and grow their quality initiatives by leveraging the true value driven by community pharmacies.

Dr. Logan is a registered pharmacist in the state of Missouri and currently practices at L & S Pharmacy and Medical Arts Pharmacy.  Tripp also serves in measure development leadership at the Pharmacy Quality Alliance, is NCPA’s Board Liaison to the Pharmacy Quality Alliance, is a NCPA Innovation Center Board Member, a Community Pharmacy Enhanced Service Network (CPESN-USA) National Luminary, Missouri’s Community Pharmacy Enhanced Service Network (CPESN-MO) Lead Luminary, the 2014 NCPA Outstanding Adherence Practitioner of the Year Award recipient, and Partner at MedHere Today Consulting.

Bob Lomenick

Bob Lomenick is the co-owner of five pharmacies under the Tyson Drug umbrella in northern Mississippi. He graduated from the University of Mississippi in 1977 and continues to be active within their pharmacy program. Bob is known by many as the ‘godfather’ of Med Sync, and today, pharmacists from all over the nation travel to his pharmacy to be mentored by him. Bob also helped found the Mississippi Independent Pharmacies Association (MIPA) to promote unity within community pharmacy. When he’s not out golfing, Bob enjoys spending time with his family.

Scott Daniels

J. Scott Daniels, PhD is a seasoned executive in pharmaceutical research and development. Dr. Daniels has advanced the field of biotransformation and drug metabolism during tenures at The DuPont Pharmaceuticals, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, and Pfizer, publishing in areas of drug metabolism, chemical toxicology and pharmacology. His interdisciplinary research team experience has afforded Dr. Daniels with opportunities to innovate within the fields of drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, and bioanalytical chemistry.

Prior to arriving at Precera, Dr. Daniels was the Director of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK) in the Department of Pharmacology/Center for Neuroscience Drug Discovery at Vanderbilt University Medical School. Dr. Daniels received his undergraduate degree in Biology and Chemistry from Southwest Baptist University, his doctorate in Chemistry at University of Missouri-Columbia, and his post-doctoral research in chemical toxicology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Bruce Berger

Bruce is President of Berger Consulting, LLC and Emeritus Professor at Auburn University. He has
Developed comMIt (Comprehensive Motivational Interviewing Training for health care providers) and AU MITI (Auburn University Motivational Interviewing Training Institute) and AU MITI (Auburn University Motivational Training Institute. He has taught motivational interviewing in health care and methods for improving treatment adherence for over 30 years.

In March of 2004 Bruce was awarded a fellowship by the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) Academy of Pharmaceutical Research and Science for a lifetime of quality research. Bruce is the 2007 and 2009 winner of the APhA Wierderholt Prize for the best research publication in the social, behavioral, and administrative sciences in pharmacy in the Journal of the APhA. The first study focused on the impact of motivational interviewing. Bruce is the 2009 recipient of the American Association of Colleges of Phamacy’s Robert Chalmers Distinguished Pharmacy Educator Award, one of the Association’s three highest honors.

Bruce has also been nominated for the 2012 prestigious Pinnacle Award of the American Pharmacists Association for a lifetime of innovative leadership in medication adherence.

Bruce is the author of the book, Motivational Interviewing for Health Care Professionals: A Sensible Approach, APhA, Washington, DC, August, 2013, and an 8 hour accredited Motivational Interviewing E-Learning Program for Health Care Professionals (2015), along with William A. Villaume.

Cecil Bennett

Dr. Cecil Bennett is a board Family Physician. He is in private practice in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. He is also the CEO of the medical diagnostic services company, Primary Diagnostic Systems, Inc in Atlanta, Georgia.

Understanding the serious issue of medication compliance and poly-pharmacy, especially in seniors, Dr. Bennett, using liquid chromatography-Mass Spectrometry technology developed the Bennett Poly-pharmacy Profile, BPP, urinalysis; the only objective tool in the US that screens patients for compliance and poly-pharmacy for their blood pressure, diabetic, cholesterol, cardiac and psychiatric medications. The BPP has proven its need in the marketplace. Tens of thousands of patient screens have taken place; objectively verifying a non-compliance rate of over 80%. Identified non-compliance patients have been educated on the importance of medication compliance and put back on track. Medication adjustments have been made for patients taking drugs in the same class. Electronic health records have been corrected to reflect what patients were actually taking.

Dr. Bennett served in the Army during Operation Desert Shield. He is the author of the book, “McFly Goes to Med School”. Dr. Bennett is a Christian. He has been married for 27 years to wife Andrea. They have 3 children.

Hashim Zaibak

For Hashim Zaibak, PharmD, owning an independent pharmacy isn’t about financial rewards. For him, it goes well beyond that.

“It’s nice to have a business where you can actually help the community get healthier,” he says. “That’s what I like about it. It’s not just a business to make money.”

And for more than three years, helping his community is what he’s strived to do. Zaibak opened Hayat Pharmacy in Milwaukee in January 2011, and has since added four more stores. (Hayat is the Arabic word for “life.”) The five pharmacies primarily serve an urban population that Zaibak says has been underserved in receiving adequate health care.

“Most of our patients are either cash paying or on Medicare or Medicaid from the inner city, many have transportation issues, and many have difficulty coming to the pharmacy,” he says. “So there definitely are a lot of people who need the services that we have. When we first started, we didn’t just want to offer another pharmacy in Milwaukee; there are plenty of retail pharmacies here. We wanted to offer an independent pharmacy that’s unique and different, and takes care of patients who need certain services that are not offered by the competition.”

Zaibak notes that when patients literally can’t get to the pharmacy, the already challenging goal of adherence becomes even more difficult. So he sought a way to help lessen the impact of that problem.

“Medication costs aren’t the reason these patients were not adherent; the reason is they couldn’t get to the pharmacy to get the medication,” he says. “So we offer a home delivery service. We initially hired a part-time driver, and now we have about seven full-time drivers delivering medications to people who need them.”

Zaibak’s colleagues are taking notice of his passion for pharmacy. He was honored as the Pharmacy Development Services 2014 Pharmacist of the Year, and received a One-to-One Patient Counseling Award from APhA earlier this year.

Kathy Campbell

Kathy M. Campbell, PharmD, received her BS in Zoology and BS in Pharmacy from the University of Oklahoma in 1992.  She completed her Doctorate of Pharmacy from the University of Oklahoma in 2005.  She has been a practicing clinical community pharmacist continually since 1992.  Her educational certifications include Asthma, Immunization, Diabetes, and Hyperlipidemia.  Special educational emphasis has included functional medicine, nutrition, compounding, endocrinology and leadership.  Together with her husband Royce , Dr. Campbell has owned and operated Medicap Pharmacy in Owasso, OK since 2001. She is mom to Emma and Abby and Girl Scout mom to many.  Next year will find her the Chairman of the Owasso Chamber of Commerce as well as past president of the non-profit organization, Alert Adults.

Dr. Campbell currently practices as an appointment-based clinical pharmacist and has successfully developed and implemented the lifestyle and weight loss program, DrKathyweightloss.com.  The primary focus of Dr. Campbell’s practice is assisting patients in not needing pharmaceuticals and if needed, in optimizing their use.  ‘Dr. Kathy’ is committed to supporting individuals’ great lives by coaching them in creating a culture that produces health. You can contact Dr. Campbell at www.drkathysays.com.

Laurie Schloff

As Director of Executive Training with THE SPEECH IMPROVEMENT COMPANY, INC., Ms. Laurie Schloff has a nationwide reputation as a trainer and coach in areas of presentation skills, 1-1 executive coaching, leadership training, conference coaching, and facilitation skills. Laurie heads the company’s Accent Modification Program. She is a founding member of the IPO/VC coaching team and also heads the corporate workshop The Leadership Communication Certificate Program. Laurie is the author of the popular books – Smart Speaking and He and She Talk and Speech Gems. Her books have been published in German, French and Chinese. Smart Speaking has been described by Communication Briefings as “one of the best books ever written about speaking.” Laurie’s first book for children, Twenty Twinkling Stars, is a fundraiser for National Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE). Laurie was appointed to SAVE’s National Board in 2015. Laurie is a frequent guest expert on radio and television. She appeared on the Oprah and Today Show and is a contributor to magazines including Cosmopolitan, Woman’s Day, Ladies Home Journal, and Women’s Health. She is known as a popular and humorous speaker at conventions and organizations ranging from Women in Financial Services to The Healthcare Business Women’s Association. Laurie is a recent winner of the Partners Connected Health Competition and was awarded the American Resident Project Prize. Laurie’s clients in the biotechnology and healthcare fields include Genzyme, ImmunoGen, Novartis, Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, Alnylam, Agios, Ariad and Boston Scientific Corporation. Laurie developed the Leadership Success Series for HBA in 2007. Schloff’s range of clients include: Allstate Insurance Company, Babson Capital, GE Aircraft Engines, Bank Of America, Fidelity Investments, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, The Society of Actuaries, The TJX Companies, The Anti Defamation League and Oxfam America. Laurie is known for helping clients craft high impact speeches, and customized videos including the training program, Pearls of Presentation and Participation for MassMutual. Ms. Schloff earned her undergraduate degree in Speech Pathology from Rutgers University in New Jersey and her graduate degree from Columbia University in New York. Laurie worked as a clinical instructor at Northeastern University, and as head of the speech department at the former Center for Better Living in Marlboro, Massachusetts. She received her Certificate of Clinical Competence from The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and is a member of the Speech Communication Association. Laurie founded the Fear of Speaking Association and is co- founder of electionspeakers.com in 2008.

Brett Barker

Brett Barker graduated from the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy in 2008. He began his career as the Pharmacy Manager of NuCara Pharmacy in Nevada, IA. In 2010, Brett became Director of Clinical Services and was tasked to create the NuCara Health Solutions clinical division. He currently serves as the Vice President of Operations for NuCara Management Group.

Brett has been very active professionally including service on the Iowa Pharmacy Association Board of Trustees and is Iowa’s 2017 Distinguished Young Pharmacist. He was appointed by the Governor to the Iowa Board of Pharmacy in May 2017.

Shelli Warren

With over 25 years leading technical teams for Procter & Gamble Shelli specializes in helping business owners hire right, develop teams, and build a leadership culture where people actually want to work with you.

As the Chief People Officer and a member of the executive team at BixChix.com she is focused on supporting ambitious entrepreneurs from across the globe just like you, who are seeking support, focus, and community. Connect with her today at shelli@bizchix.com.

Greg Alston

Dr. Alston has enjoyed a long, interesting career in community practice pharmacy and education. A 1977 PharmD graduate of the University of the Pacific he went on to serve as a pharmacist, pharmacy manager, corporate training manager, corporate marketing manager and seasonal category manager for the Sav-on Drug chain, a regional pharmacy manager for Thrifty Drug Stores and the California Regional Pharmacy manager for Smith’s Food and Drug before owning and operating Best Pharmacy and Medical Supply for 12 years.

Along the way he founded a chain of Halloween Shops, a medical Billing Company, an internet based lead generation business, and a property management firm. He also served on the Board of Directors of Independent Pharmacy Coop in Madison, Wisconsin and several other volunteer boards including the Menifee Valley Hospital Foundation Board, the Pharmacist Recovery Network, and the Matthews Free Medical Clinic.

After divesting his retail business in 2007 he returned to academia as the Assistant Dean at Wingate University School of Pharmacy and is currently the Associate Dean for the Savannah campus of South University school of Pharmacy. He has authored multiple best-selling books, multiple peer-reviewed publications, is an editor for McGraw-Hill’s pharmacy management textbook. He is the originator of the Relative Value Model that teaches pharmacists how to create of valuable goods and services.

He has developed, The Value Prescription Platform, that will allow interested pharmacists to learn the four Key Management skills, Managing Teams, Managing Metrics, Managing Value and Managing Mindset

Amanda Brummel

Amanda Brummel, PharmD, BCACP serves as the Director of Clinical Ambulatory Pharmacy Services. Dr. Brummel has been employed by Fairview Pharmacy Services since 1999 when she graduated from the University of Minnesota. While at Fairview, she has built and practiced Medication Therapy Management (MTM) in multiple clinic locations, was the clinical supervisor for the MTM department, the MTM Operations & Program Manager. Currently Dr. Brummel has responsibility for the MTM program, the clinical development and integration of ambulatory pharmacy services in the Fairview Health Network including transitions of care and quality outcome measurement. She works closely with the Fairview Medical Group and the Fairview Network in our population health approach and new payer product development. Dr. Brummel is also an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of MN. She has published multiple articles on MTM and pharmacy’s role in the care team. She has chaired and served on multiple committees and is a current member of the Minnesota Pharmacists Association (Board Member), the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, the American College of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA).

Dimmy Sokhal

Dimmy Sokhal
Dimmy completed PharmD from UW Madison in 2013 and then pursued her residency through the Community Pharmacy Residency Program at UW Madison School of Pharmacy where she gained experience with Medication Therapy Management. She started working with Hayat Pharmacy in Milwaukee after completing her residency in 2014 and has been an integral part of the Clinical program at Hayat.
Email: dimmy.s@hayatrx.com
Visit our website: https://www.hayatrx.com/
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Veena Choudary

Veena Choudary is the Pharmacy Manager at Apex Pharmacy where she has helped grow the stores front end sales through unique offerings such as high-end lift chairs and rollators. She has masters degrees in pharmacy and public policy with extensive experience in chronic diseases and mental health in veterans and in global health. Working in stores with one to fifty employees, her passion is to provide solutions that make a difference in lives of her patients, colleagues, employees and the community every day. Her mantras are we are all in this together and everything is figureoutable!

Lauren Glaze

Lauren E. Glaze, PharmD, earned her degree at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Pharmacy in Little Rock, Arkansas and completed a PGY-1 Pharmacy Practice residency at the Center for Health & Wellness at Sullivan University College of Pharmacy in Louisville, Kentucky. Currently, she is an Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice at UAMS South Family Medical Center in Magnolia, Arkansas, where she provides both inpatient and outpatient clinical pharmacy services. Dr. Glaze’s areas of practice include a hospital readmission service, chronic disease management, and pharmacy education for family medicine residents.

Amanda Gaddy

Amanda Gaddy, R.Ph., is the Co-Founder of Secure340B, LLC, a company focused on bringing transparency and optimization to the 340B Contract Pharmacy program. Mrs. Gaddy has over 22 years of experience in pharmacy specializing in maximizing pharmacy operations. She also serves as Director of Clinical Services for the Georgia Pharmacy Association’s Academy of Independent Pharmacy, AIP, where she focuses on implementing clinical programs. Prior to her roles with AIP and Secure340B, she led the Contract Pharmacy team at Macro Helix, a 340B administrator. Mrs. Gaddy is a graduate of the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy.

Gabe Trahan

Gabe Trahan In his role as NCPA’s Senior Director of Store Operations and Marketing, Gabe Trahan has worked with hundreds of community pharmacies of all sizes to help them improve their images and ultimately boost front-end profits. From conducting in-store and virtual consultations to presenting at educational workshops and writing extensively on front-end retailing, Gabe has established himself as the leading expert in effective and innovative front-end design and merchandising.

Before joining NCPA in 2011, Gabe gained retail and wholesale experience in the drug store industry, working for Burlington Drug Company, a regional wholesaler, as the Director of Retail Services, and before that for City Drug Stores, a 14-store, independently owned chain of pharmacies. During that time, Gabe also worked as an independent consultant.

Gabe is a much sought-after speaker on merchandising and has presented at numerous workshops and seminars for NCPA and other pharmacy organizations and wholesalers. He has conducted hundreds of in-store consultations for community pharmacies as far away as Sitka, Alaska and Puerto Rico and many cities and towns in between, helping the store owners and staff to redesign floor plans, solve inventory issues, and improve merchandising and marketing with original techniques.

Gabe has published many resources for pharmacy owners and front-end staff. He created the Store Report Card and the Retail Fairy Test to help store owners methodically work through their stores from the outside to the back room, looking for ways to improve sales. He is the author of the Daily Pharmacy Planning Guide, now in its third edition. He has also been quoted in periodicals such as Drug Store News, Pharmacy Times, and Elements magazine. Gabe pens a monthly column in America’s Pharmacist magazine, contributes tips for NCPA’s bimonthly Profit Makers newsletter, posts daily tips from his Twitter account (@NCPAGabe), and publishes new content on the Front-End Overhaul webpage weekly. Gabe is also the speaker and creator of the eight hour Front-End Profit Building seminar sponsored by Good Neighbor Pharmacy.

Darden Heritage

Darden Heritage, R.Ph. is owner of Star Discount Pharmacy, a six-pharmacy chain in Huntsville, Alabama, which includes two locations in company-owned grocery stores. Darden is an active member of NCPA and a leader in the profession. He has paved the way for community pharmacy and is setting the standard for collaborative practice opportunities in his area. He was also the recipient of Pharmacy Development Service’s Entrepreneur of the Year.

Olivia Bentley

Olivia Bentley received her Doctorate of Pharmacy from South University School of Pharmacy in Savannah in 2012 and completed a PGY1 Community Residency Program at the University of Georgia with Village Drug Shop in Athens, GA in 2013. As a resident, she developed and initiated a Travel Health and Immunization clinic certified for yellow fever vaccinations at Village Drug Shop pharmacy. Currently, she is the Vice President of the Avant Institute of Clinicians, a virtual advance learning platform that offers online and onsite immersion experiences for pharmacist-led clinical services. She is the Director of Ambulatory Care Services with Rx Clinic Pharmacy where she co-developed and implemented a variety of non-dispensing, cognitive-based clinical services in an independent community pharmacy. Dr. Bentley is the Site Coordinator for the UNC Chapel Hill Community Pharmacy Practice Residency Program and is a preceptor for student pharmacists for pharmacy programs across the country. Dr. Bentley is a Board Certified HIV Pharmacist. She is also experienced as a Certified BHRT pharmacist, Therapeutic Shoe Fitter for patients with diabetes and Certified in Pharmacogenetics and Precision Medicine. She leads pharmacist-driven patient centered clinical pharmacy services through collaborations with independent medical providers. Through these collaborations, she leads a team of clinical community pharmacists that performs Medicare annual wellness visits, chronic care management, transitions of care management, evaluation and management visits, BHRT consultations, pain management, routine/travel immunizations, and other preventative care services for patients.

Amina Abubakar

Amina Abubakar, PharmD, AAHIVP Owns and operates her Independent Pharmacy, Rx Clinic Pharmacy in Charlotte, NC. She is a Board Certified HIV Pharmacist and Certified in Precision Medicine. She has fostered an environment that showcases the significance of community pharmacist by collaborating with Physicians and expanding pharmacist led clinical services in her community. These collaborations have helped her medical providers prepare to thrive in the pay for performance. Currently she shares her passion for pharmacy advancements with pharmacists, parents and policymakers all over the country through Pharmacogenomics. She was invited to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and to the FDA to discuss her pharmacogenetic program which supports The Precision Medicine initiative.

Mike Petit

Mike is the director of sales and marketing at Alps Pharmacy and Alps Specialty Pharmacy. He joined Alps in Fall of 2015 to help launch their specialty pharmacy and other community pharmacy marketing aspects. His daily activities range from calling on new and existing providers who prescribe specialty medications. His goals are to talk to the nursing staff as well as the providers to earn their trust in our services.

Along with generating new business, Mike works directly with manufacturers and insurance companies to gain entry to payer networks, manufacturer agreements and limited distribution drugs.

Mike’s main takeaways are that “doing what you say you can and will do, is everything.”

Rebecca Tyrrell

Rebecca is a senior consultant on the Pharmacy Executive Forum (PEF), a research membership supporting health system pharmacy leaders with business planning, performance improvement, and care team integration.

She also serves as one of the firm’s population health experts, having supported population health leaders for more than three years on topics including care management, primary care innovation, post-acute care strategy, and community partnerships to address the social determinants of health.

Her interests in the pharmacy space include medication reconciliation, transitions of care, integrating clinical pharmacists into ambulatory care, and highlighting pharmacy’s role in population health.

Prior to joining Advisory Board, Rebecca worked in clinical research at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York and in a variety of sales, marketing, and strategy roles at Siemens Healthcare. She graduated from Vanderbilt University with a Bachelor of Science in cognitive studies and human and organizational development. She also holds a Master of Science in health care policy and management from Carnegie Mellon University.

Suzanne Keyes

As a single mother of three children under the age of 3, Suzanne Keyes attended the pharmacy program at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Once graduating the 3 year BS program in just under 2 ½ years, she went on to enter her profession as a retail pharmacist in her home town of Dallas. Within 2 years of completing her BS degree, she returned to western Oklahoma, took a new staff position at the local hospital, married & blended a family of 5 and enrolled in the non-traditional PharmD pathway offered by the University of Oklahoma. Suzanne obtained her Doctor of Pharmacy in 2004. Over her 20 year career, Suzanne has had additional experience in retail management, nursing home consulting and handling prior authorization claims for a large pharmacy benefits manager.

Almost 5 years ago, Suzanne & her husband Mike built Keyes’ Compounding in Elk City, Oklahoma. What once began as a cash model, compounding only facility eventually was transformed into an insurance based hybrid pharmacy. Suzanne has expanded her practice to include a more holistic approach to wellness. Realizing she is one of the only functional medicine pharmacies in the state, Suzanne offers a wide variety of more advanced, specialized testing including: neurotransmitter testing, hormone testing, IgG food sensitivity testing, micronutrient deficiency testing, microbiome and GI profile testing, SIBO/parasitology testing, etc.

In addition to several academic & professional recognitions and awards, Suzanne’s most recent accomplishments and ventures include becoming a Fellow with the American College of Apothecaries and is currently enrolled in the multi-year certification program through the Institute for Functional Medicine.

Above all, Suzanne admits her greatest accomplishments include her 19 year marriage and her three children, sons Tyler and Taylor (26) and daughter Alyx (25)… and mastering her 100 th anniversary model Harley Davidson Heritage Softail.

Mike Bollinger

Mike has over 20 years’ experience working with community pharmacies. While earning a Business Management degree from the University of New Orleans; he worked at an independent pharmacy where he managed day to day operations. Mike is a former Director of Pharmacy Acquisition for a Fortune 20 drug distributor where he matched buyers with sellers, performed valuations, structured acquisitions, and secured financing for independent pharmacies. Mike is an expert at analyzing pharmacy financials and has facilitated pharmacy ownership of more than 70 stores. Mike’s passion includes coaching independent pharmacy owners on how to improve margins and net profit while increasing revenues, cash flows and managing operating expenses.

Morgan Miller

Morgan Miller, PharmD is the Director of Specialty Pharmacy at Alps Specialty Pharmacy is Springfield, MO. She graduated from University of Missouri – Kansas City in 2013 and has been working in independently owned Alps Pharmacy since graduating. In September 2015, she spearheaded the effort to bring specialty pharmacy to the existing community pharmacy. After seeing local success, the need for an independently owned, local specialty pharmacy was obvious and the pharmacy was able to expand regionally to serve Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. The success of the pharmacy stems from her desire to serve and advocate for patients and provide a quality service for providers. She has a passion to break down barriers in the pharmacy industry, expand the role of a pharmacist in patient care, and continuously show the positive impact of an independently owned pharmacy in health care.

Al Babbington

Al Babbington has spent more than 30 years funding and leading businesses that focus on developing disruptive technologies to create value. His mission, both personally and professionally, is to help improve health in America and around the world. Babbington is currently the CEO of PrescribeWellness, the pharmacy patient communication tool that is changing the role of the community pharmacy from a dispensary to a center for preventive healthcare and wellness. He also serves as a National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) board member and director of New Leaf Africa, an organization dedicated to applying carbon credits to sustainable projects that improve health and education.

Josh Howland

Josh Howland earned his Doctor of Pharmacy in 2008 from the University of Texas at Austin and his MBA in 2013 from the University of Texas at Dallas with a focus on healthcare administration and quality/process improvement. He began his career at Walgreens and moved to CVS/Health’s PBM working in clinical client operations. He then moved to DaVita Rx developing medication management programs for End-Stage Renal Disease patients at DaVita Rx. After building several successful programs using novel payment models and demonstrating that pharmacists can add enormous value through managing medications, care plans and building strong relationships with patients and providers, Josh finally found his home at PioneerRx. At PioneerRx he runs the Dallas office and works with a great team and brilliant pharmacists to bring new clinical capabilities to independent pharmacies, such as care plans and adding even more value to the RxLocal product line. In his personal time, Josh has an amazing wife of 8 years, 3 of the friendliest dogs you’ll ever meet, and is learning to be a first time dad.

Joe Moose

Joe Moose is a clinical pharmacist and co-owner of Moose Pharmacy and it’s 6 locations in North Carolina. Joe received his Doctorate of Pharmacy from the first graduating class of Campbell University School of Pharmacy. Joe serves as a primary preceptor with the Campbell University, Wingate University, and UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy Community Pharmacy Residency Program.

Joe has spoken nationally and internationally on the subject of building community pharmacy enhanced services networks to improve patient care and lower the total cost of care.

Joe also serves as the Lead Community Pharmacy Coordinator for Community Care of North Carolina. In this role he has built a network of over 250 high quality community pharmacies that strive to offer enhanced value to payors. He is also the Director of Strategy and Luminary Development for CPESN USA and has built a 32 state ,1200+ pharmacy network of enhanced service pharmacies across the United States.

He is the recipient of the Next Generation Pharmacist of the Year Award, Next Generation Entrepreneur of the Year Award, 2015 APhA Community Pharmacy Residency Excellence in Precepting Award, NCPA National Preceptor of the Year, and 2015 NCPA Williard B. Simmons Community Pharmacist of the Year.

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