Season 1 was all about identifying opportunities in the amb care setting, now in Season 2, we’ll focus on the community setting.

In season 1, we learned about Star ratings, med sync, CCM, RHCs, FQHCs, telehealth, and PGx testing just to name a few!

Season 2 we’ll hear pharmapreneurs discuss: cash-based services like health coaching and weight management, opportunities to work with synergistic businesses and market your pharmacy clinical services.

The natural and preventative health care industry is a 35 billion dollar industry.

Pharmacy has traditionally focused on helping the “sick” but I see a huge opportunity for us to change our positioning and rebrand our services as one of wellness and preventative medicine.

We have opportunities to help patients with gene-induced and drug-induced nutrient depletion, nutrition counseling, supplement recommendations, tobacco cessation, diabetes prevention and much more.